July 23, 2010



At my mom’s house, in the hall between the kitchen and the living room, you will find Shoe Alley.

shoe alley

The reasoning is simple. Put your shoes in the right spot, and you’ll never lose them.

We lose shoes daily.

Actually, Daniel loses his shoes daily.

In fact, once, a few weeks ago, a left sandal was so lost, that I bought a pair of replacement sandals. Same size, style, and color.

Less than 24 hours later, the left sandal was found…  we now have 2 pairs of the exact same shoe.

Speaking of Daniel and his penchant for losing things, I finally replaced the missing Baby Chum-Chum.

What is a Baby Chum-Chum you wonder?


baby chum chum


Oh nothing, just the little blue fellow that we sleep with every night, bring with us on the trampoline, and share our chair with at dinner.

We were quite miserable until I figured out exactly what Baby Chum-Chum’s real name was, where he was born, and if he had an identical twin brother. (ChungKee from Skelanimals in Blue… I heart you e-bay)

Just the same, if any of you find the original Baby Chum-Chum in your house, please let us know, because as I mentioned before, we have a penchant for losing things. 

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