July 3, 2010

The Others

You know how sometimes the things you want to say and the things you do say are on completely different ends of the spectrum? And then before you know it you just can't get any words out at all so you suffer in silence and righteous indignation and before you know it you just explode? I am getting there.

DadGuy is bored out of his ever loving mind. Before we left, I listed out all the DIY projects I wanted done around the house. He laughed and avoided the discussion because there was NO WAY he was going to do THAT stuff when he could hang out in his underwear watching TV all by himself for hours on end.... Today when he called me, he had me pick out a new chandelier for our foyer... you know, since he has to get special equipment to FINISH painting our 2 story foyer and he's going to be up there anyways and he knows how much I hate that light fixture.... That is how I know he is bored. DadGuy hates to paint and has avoided it in every house we've ever lived in. All I'm saying is that you have a whole 'nother month alone, and I would really truly appreciate the downstairs carpet and vinyl being ripped up and replaced with tile. Everywhere but the office please. Or if you want to stick with the painting thing: piano in Beluga by Behr at Home Depot. Just putting it out there....

Daniel is confused by my sisters names. He refers to them all as Meredith, which is funny to the actual Meredith (and me... and my mom... and my dad, too.) but not quite so funny to the other Meredith's. (Mostly Verity.) Of course, seeing as how my children thought she was dead, I think being referred to as the other Meredith is a big improvement. Besides, it's really cute when he counts all of his Meredith's on his fingers. "I have one Meredith, and one 'nother Meredith, and one 'nother Meredith!"

Have a Happy Fourth!