July 14, 2010

3 year olds are too sneaky for their own good

This morning, I was woken when my dad came into my room, tossed Taylor on my bed, and said, “Get dressed. The police are coming.”


Taylor tried to follow Meredith (the original) to work this morning, and instead ended up standing outside, in the middle of the road, all by herself, before anyone else in the house was even awake. My dad noticed her silky by the garage door, saw that the door was unlocked, and started looking for her in the house. When he couldn’t find her inside, he headed out, and found Taylor standing near a very nice woman, who had called the police.

All before 6 am.

Taylor knew she was busted, and wouldn’t look at the policemen, even when they tried to give her a sticker.

The boys were more than impressed, so we did the only thing we could think of….
 boys in police car

And took a picture. 

The rest of the morning has been spent fortifying the outside doors with locks and chains.