March 15, 2010

Will blog for food

Since I'm still up and awake at one in the morning, I'm totally going to pretend that I didn't miss a day of my self-proclaimed daily blogging thing...

This is totally acceptable because days don't officially end until one goes to sleep.

That being said, this will probably make little to no sense because, HELLO ONE AM.


Except myself. Because one can always talk about one's self on a blog because blogging = narcissistic art form. (At least the way I do it.)

(Does anyone else get annoyed over how hard it is to emphasize single character words? Like I. Because three sentences ago, it was supposed to be snarky and all, 'at least the way I do it.' except that my typical go-to-emphasis-move is called caps lock and it's already in effect and like I'm going to take the time to italicize or bold it... then you might care what I think, and we could never let that happen.) 

(Though the fact that there is not an easy way to emphasize I still aggravates me...)

(check out that emphasis up there.)

Oh, and HEY, did I ever tell you the time that the DadGuy decided to go back to school? It's a good one. It goes something like this...

"Hey, I'm registered for a class."

"Awesome. You got in?" (because I'm nice and know that he had applied.)

"Well, no. My GMAT was too old, so I'm taking another class so I can get ready to take the test. And then I have to pay to take the test again too..."

"So. You're paying to take classes that MIGHT get you in to grad school."


"How much does that cost?"

"Uh, don't spend any more money... You're not going anywhere today are you?"

And thus it begins....

I ♥ being a student.

P.S. Donations being accepted.