March 6, 2010


Today was warm.

I took full advantage of the weather by sending my children outside while I opened all the windows and cleaned.

I never before understood spring cleaning.

You see, when one grows up in Arizona, one has no need for spring cleaning. Because the types of cleaning one does does not depend upon the weather.

(You Arizonans are so lucky.)

For the first time in months, the stuffy, too many people in one room stench, is gone.

It was so exciting to actually see and smell results, that I kept on cleaning.

Under the beds.

Inside the closets.


(Some, not all. I must have some form of punishment for later.)

I even took to spring cleaning my yard.

I cleaned out the front beds.

And hiding underneath mounds of dead leaves,

Were shoots.

 Dozens of fat green stems, reaching towards the sun.


It's so nice to see you.