February 11, 2010

You would think that titling posts would get easier the longer one blogs, but guess what? IT DOESN'T.

Yes. I know. I turned off comments.

I do that occassionally when life gets super busy because, let's be honest, comments can be a time suck. SO. I hereby relinquish you from feeling obligated to comment on my blog. (Besides, you know you like it better when people let you off the hook for things like that.)

In other life changing news, my youngest sister is engaged to be married.

Obviously, this affects me in ways you can't imagine, the most predominant being the whole weight issue.

Here's the thing with my weight. I have a really messed up thyroid.

Really messed up thyroid = really messed up metabolism = really frustrating/exhausting/pointless attempts at weight loss.

However, the thought of being the sole overweight person in a family of skinny minnies is not pleasant. Add to that the very real fact that I am the shortest person in my family, standing at a measly 5'4",  and always being placed in the front row so that people can see my face in photos equals me being COMPLETELY HORRIFIED AND SCARRED FOR LIFE.

I mean, it's WEDDING PICTURES. Those things are going to around for a long time.

Then there's that whole blogging conference thing, which again, being 100% honest, is frightening because we all know that bloggers = TRIGGER HAPPY PHOTOGS. {{dies}}

And despite Sue's horrible review of the every so popular HCG diet, I'm thinking I might just try it anyways. I mean, what do I have to lose?

(answer: thousands and millions of pounds.)