February 3, 2010

My Firstborn

Right now I need to talk about this guy.

As of this minute, he is my favorite child. Mostly on account of he has not had any sort of projectile anything leave his body and make it's way on to mine like the rest of the short people I live with.

But that's besides the point, which is this,

Thaddeus Is Awesome. 

 and here's why

1. He's an amazing speller. 

Our school just had their annual "Spell-a-bration" and he got every single word right. AND his letters were all facing the right way. Pretty impressive for a fairly new 6 year old. Also pretty impressive considering at the start of the school year, we knew only 6 letters, and 0 letter sounds.

2. He is a really good helper.

Every day, he is the first one up and out of bed. He goes downstairs and sets the table for breakfast. Then he quietly goes down the next set of stairs and watches TV until the rest of us wake up. (Why yes, he is an early bird.) After everyone else has woken up, in the exact same order every day of my life, Thaddeus goes to the fridge, and brings the milk to the table.

He does his chores when I ask, and he helps his brother and sisters with their chores too. He loves to cook, and can often be found in the kitchen, making peanut butter sandwiches.

3. His appearance is immaculate. 

I find so much joy in this statement that I can't help but smile. Thaddeus likes to be clean. He likes to look handsome. Lately, he has taken to styling his hair in a "triangle" (see picture at top). In fact, he's gotten so good at styling his own hair, that while I was busy giving haircuts to some neighbor girls the other day, Thaddeus took it upon himself to get all the boys hair in tip top condition. He sat them in his chair, draped them, then styled each boys hair into a perfectly coiffed triangle. It was super cute.

4. He's reasonable. 

Which is to say, I understand how his mind works. He is very logical, and what's more, he can TELL me why he's feeling/acting/behaving however it is he's feeling/acting/behaving. It's quite a welcome adjustment seeing as how I still have to decipher what half of my children are saying and get it wrong a good 40% of the time.

5. He has a good attitude. 

He's just happy to be alive, and it shows in every way. Every dinner is the best dinner he ever ate. Every day is the best day he's ever had. When he does get upset, he gets over it quickly. He laughs at himself.

I don't know how I got such an amazing kid, but I'm sure glad he's mine.

Love you Tad.