January 25, 2010

In which YOU help ME write about myself

Do you ever get sick of talking about yourself? I do. Right now? SICK.

sick sick sicky sickness.

AND I have to write another bio.

The problem with me and the bio is that I never like the one I write. So then I have to rewrite it, and then I hate the rewrite even more so I end up deleting the whole thing. (I mean, really, have you even read my blogger profile? It says absolutely nothing about me. It might mention my haircolor. You should all be jealous of my hair, it's one of my best qualities, but beyond THAT, it's really a whole lot of nothing.) 

I even scoped around on the internet for random bios of myself that I have written over the years for different things, and each of those was totally different and completely full of hot air.

Exhibit A:
I'm a SAHM to 4 heathens who are sucking the very life out of me, in a good way... I think... then again, it could be terribly awful. About 4 years ago when I had my first baby and stopped sleeping through the night, I kinda went numb on the inside..... I'm really tired.

Exhibit B:
I'm a SAHM to four. My goal in life is to drink an ice cold Dr. Pepper in my pajamas, watching an entire TV show without interruption. Lofty, I know.

Exhibit C: the blogger profile 
About Me: I had to change it. I was bored and annoyed with my other "blurb".... So now I have to decide what to put here. It's a daunting task. What if I say the wrong thing and then you don't come back? (Gasp!) How awful for me! Yes, me. Cause it's all about me... me, me, Me, ME, ME!!! At any rate, I can't leave this blank because what does that say about me that I can't sum up my life in a paragraph? On the other hand, I'm filling it in with a whole lot of nonsense which says something completely else about me, doesn't it? sigh. stupid profile boxes.

I offer these examples of proof. I mean, tell you that I tripped on the stairs and threw orange julius' on the ceiling? No problem.

Tell you my achievements? {------uhh---------}

Therefore, I decided that YOU will write my bio for me.

Feel free to leave a sentence (or two or three) in the comments. If you ask me a question about something, I'll probably answer it. You know, unless it would be embarrassing for my mom and grandma to read.

Ready, GO.