January 8, 2010


They say children are a direct product of their environment.

I should only be so lucky.

My own mother is one of the most amazing women I know.

And she was taught by her mother.

My grandma.

She's fabulous.

Some of my favorite memories are the ones that have my grandparents in them.

And today, on my grandma's birthday, I started thinking about them.

My favorite memories of Grandma:

1. The Birthday Lunch

 Every year, on our birthdays, my grandma and grandpa would take us out to lunch. It was such a treat because with the exception of that birthday lunch, we rarely to never ate out. She would let us pick whatever restaurant we wanted. If we couldn't make a decision, she would decide for us.

Grandma always picked crackers, because she has a fondness for bread pudding, and Crackers is the only place that made a GOOD bread pudding.

2. Earrings

When I turned nine, my hearts deepest, sincerest desire was to get my ears DOUBLE pierced. I had been pestering my mom for MONTHS. Begging and pleading and cajoling trying to get her to say yes to double pierced ears. She kept saying no. "Double digits, double earrings. You can get them when you're ten."

As I was sitting at Red Lobster, having my birthday lunch, my grandma asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I started telling her how much I just LOVED earrings, and how it would make me so happy if I could just. have. double. earrings.

After lunch, she took me straight over to the mall and I got my double earrings.

3. Popsicles 

Grandma had a pool in her backyard.

Every summer, we would go to her house and swim and swim and swim.

She has a special freezer in her garage that is full of every flavor of popsicle you can imagine.

Cherry. Lime. Fudgesicles. BulletPops.

We would sit on the edge of the pool, with our legs dangling over the edge, eating popsicles.

4. Shoes

For a long time, my grandma and I had the same size feet. She always let me borrow her shoes, and when she cleaned out the closet, she gave them to me.

5. Class

My grandma is the epitome of class. She always dresses well. She does her hair, and her makeup. She wears her jewelry and does her nails.

But that's not what makes her classy. No, my grandma always does her best to make people feel comfortable around her. She doesn't criticize. She tries to build up the people around her. She always has a kind word to say.  She smiles and laughs and looks for the good in people, even when they don't deserve it.

My grandma is an amazing woman.

Happy birthday.