December 23, 2009

Wednesday Bulletin

  • My crockpot is simmering away right now, helping me prepare for tomorrow's tamale fest. I haven't made them in years but I want them, and it's Christmas, and dangit, I WILL HAVE TAMALES.
  • For Christmas this year, I want to sleep in my own bed, all night, with no visitors. I'm tired, literally, of having short people crawl into my bed at night. I don't know at what point they get there, but at 2 am, I wake up, about to die from overheating, sandwiched between a Danny and a Taylor, and sometimes a Tad. Thanks be to Blayne and her love of personal space. 
  • I went to aerobics today. I haven't been since I hurt my ankle back in August. I know that seems like a really long hiatus, but that's only because it IS. 
  • My main motivation for going back was one part vanity, two parts sanity. We have been stuck in our house since last Friday, and the children, they are NUTSO. 
  • The vain part is because I plan on meeting quite a few of you in person in May. Whatever am I talking about, you ask? Oh nothing, just this. 

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And it has been an exciting sort of NIGHTMARE getting everything together. But it will be totally and completely worth it when I see you in the flesh.

(Seriously though, we have such good stuff planned I can't even begin to tell you!)

So, besides planning a conference, parenting four kids, laundry, and Christmas, I really haven't been up to much of anything.... How you doing?