December 6, 2009

Holiday Home Tour

I'm very excited about Christmas this year. First of all, I'm in MY OWN HOUSE. This alone causes my heart to burst forth from my chest because I can finally purchase decorations that actually FIT and HAVE A SPOT. (Because as anyone will tell you, stupid things like "Where will we put the Christmas tree?" totally come into play when purchasing a house.) Anyways, WELCOME TO MY HOME.

This is my Christmas tree. Note, there are presents (still wrapped!) under the tree. This is a Christmas miracle. We do inspect them every day to see if any new ones have popped up, and to make sure that the one that was there yesterday is, in fact, still there.

This is my favorite ornament on the tree. I have a thing for Santa Claus ornaments. Especially cute fluffy ones.  One day, I hope to have an entire Christmas tree, dedicated just to Santa. Of course, this also means that one day I hope to have more than one Christmas tree. Ideally, I would have six. SIX. One for each member of my family. And then people could decorate (or not) their own tree, however they see fit.

I did bring this little guy home with me the other day. He was so cute and cheap and is just the right size for my shortlings. But mostly, he was prelit. This makes him the most delightful of all the Christmas trees, because he requires nothing. Not even decorations, because he's just so cute in his natural, artificial glory.

 I have finally found a use for this weird counter thing.


Do you think this is what the homebuilders had in mind when designing my kitchen area? I do. No fireplace? No  problem! We can put a faux mantle counter in the kitchen!

And the bells. Everyone has a jingle bell because of The Polar Express. Plus, they're really fun to wear.

This is the new nativity that I bought...

At Lowe's....

Don't you always find the things you like best in the most unexpected places?

Also, you should know that this nativity is ONE SOLID PIECE.

I only mention this because Taylor has a personal vendetta against my other nativity and has taken to hiding baby Jesus in various places around the house.

And this is the kiss-tletoe.

Alright, FINE, mistletoe.

It is hung in the exactly perfect place.

The kids keep "tricking" me and daddy to meet under the mistletoe. It goes a little something like this:

"MOM! I need you to stand RIGHT HERE and DON'T MOVE! IT'S A SECRET!"



And then scandal ensues because kissing on the lips is very, VERY scandalous to certain short people that live in my home.

This picture is mostly to show you my clean floor and yellow walls. There just *happens* to also be Christmas decorations in there.

And this picture goes on the holiday home tour because A) it's THEIR home and B) they are wearing the most festive of green shirts.  It also shows my mom that little growth spurt of Thaddeus' I was talking about. See how he's OBVIOUSLY taller than Blayne now? 

And that wraps it up. Wishing you the snowiest of days,

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