December 17, 2009


Taylor has renamed Santa "Ho-Ho"

Every morning, she wakes up,

Slides on her belly down the stairs,

And toddles to the Christmas tree.

She carefully takes all the baby "Ho-Ho's"

And lays them gently in the rocking chair.

Then she climbs in the chair next to them,

And rocks them back to sleep.

Once all the baby Ho-Ho's are sleeping again,

She hangs them back on the tree.

This is repeated at naptime.

And at bedtime.

When we went to sit on Santa's lap,

There was no crying.

(thanks be to heaven)

And Thaddeus, Blayne, and Daniel marched right up to say hello...

Among other things.

They said "thank you for being so nice to all the childrens in all over the world"

But Taylor,

Sweet, sweet Taylor,

She was undecided about that big ole' Santa Claus.

She looked him up and down.

And down and up.

Then she stalked to his knee.

She climbed right up onto his lap,

Looked into his jolly face,

And told him he was a "B I G  Ho-Ho,"

Then she kissed his cheek,

And told him all about her baby Ho-Ho's.

When we got home,

And she took her place at the tree,

She began telling all her little baby Ho-Ho's about their big big daddy Ho-Ho....

My heart. It melts.