December 31, 2009

Farewell to the Old

I keep losing track of my days.

I was sure that today was Tuesday....

Until I looked at the calendar that said it is Thursday.... and the last day of 2009.

I don't even know where this year went, it just flew by.

But I am determined to ring in the New Year. 

My resolution is to not let this next year pass my by.

I want to savor each and every day.

I want those days to be full of love and laughter.

I want to be silly.

I want to fly kites.

I want to make a mess of the kitchen.

I want to try new foods.

I want to go on a road trip.

2010 will be OUR year.

And to herald it in, I declare today "No Computer Day."

We will make popcorn balls.

And cookies.

And a little something savory.

And then we will nap.

Because I want us to try and make it to midnight.

Tonight we will party.

Tonight begins a new decade.

Tonight begins a new way of living.

For us, and maybe for you.

Happy New Year!