December 15, 2009

{Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments}

I was looking for a craft type of something that was easy, kid-friendly, and not super messy.

Then I went to playgroup.

It was at a friends house, and sitting on her counter top were dozens upon dozens of little gingerbread men.

Upon further inspection, I discovered that they weren't actually gingerbread, but cinnamon. And glue.

And I decided right then, that we would make our own Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments.

First things first, we assembled the ingredients.
  • Cinnamon, 4 cups worth (please get it from the dollar store.)
  • Cloves, two big spoonfuls (because I felt like it. Also, the SMELL!)
  • Applesauce, 3 cups. 
  • Glue, 1/2 cup. (more if dough is dry)
We put everything into a big bowl and stirred it up as best I could.

Then I dumped it onto the counter and kneaded it.

Next, we rolled it out and cut out festive shapes, then put the ornaments on cookie sheets, lined with parchment paper.

Then I went around and poked holes in the tops of the ornaments so that we would be able to hang them on the tree.

I put them in my oven, at 200, and let them bake for, oh, 6 hours or so.

(My friend just set hers on the counter to dry. She said it took about 4 days.)

After they're dry, let your kids decorate them.

Or not, I'm sorta a big fan of the plain look.

Also? Every time I walk by the Christmas tree, I smile. Because it smells delicious.

And now I vote that you go make some.

Because they are rad.

The. End.