December 24, 2009

Christmas Card Rejects

As any mother who is in the season of  life commonly referred to as:

"Please let them nap simultaneously"

knows, getting a picture of all the short people together is an aerobic workout. There is much jumping and clapping and bribery involved.  And that's just in the beginning before ones nerves are shot.

Hence. (I just love the word hence, don't you?)

HENCE, there are a lot of rejects.

And while these ones didn't quite make it into the Christmas card this year, they sure do bring a smile to your face. (You know, LATER, when the picture taking is done.)

Reject #1 - the "Ugh, I hate pictures" face

Reject #2: the "cute but not what we're going for" picture

Reject #3 - The "Missing Persons" picture

Reject #4 - The "Rest of Them" picture

Reject #5: The "Argh Matey, I'm a Pirate" picture

Reject #6: Another "Cute but not what we're looking for" pic

 Reject #7: The "I'm a Blowfish" picture

Reject #8: the "Seriously mom. Why are you still taking pictures?" picture

Reject #9: The "I'm coming to get you" picture

Reject #10: the "My mom thought this was cute until she realized it made her dizzy to look at and how would she display it anyways? Which child should be right side up?" picture

And you keep getting rejects, until finally, thank your lucky stars for Photoshop, you decide to merge one (or two or three) pictures together to get what you want.

Happy Christmas everyone.