October 20, 2009

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

My life is in a funk right now. I can't explain it, and there's nothing truly "wrong" per say, but I feel off. You know? It's just one of those months when one thing right after another piles up and then suddenly, it's all too much.

The kicker is that I think I'm handling it, and then someone asks me a perfectly innocent question and I respond with way too much information.

Something as simple as, "Hey, are you coming out with us Friday?"

And without even thinking about it, I open my mouth and WORDS and STATEMENTS and TOO MUCH PRIVATE INFORMATION starts gushing out. Instead of saying, "No, I can't." I say;

"No. I can't... My renters totally bailed and they didn't tell us until after they'd moved out, but we'd already made that mortgage payment, and you know how everything's all connected? So that threw off THIS mortgage and a couple other things and I just got another bill from my hysterectomy back in January, and no matter what I do, I can't lose any weight right now which is really really annoying and Halloween is coming and And AND...."

And I can't STOP! The words just keep coming out of my mouth until I notice that the person is just staring at me like a full on crazy person because HELLO! I'M OUT OF MY EVER LOVING MIND. Then I start in on that whole nervous laughter thing. You know the one,

"Heh. heh. Just kidding. We're totally not broke! HA! That would like, SUCK for us, but GOOD THING, I was JUST JOKING. HA. HA. HA."

And then I get into my car and drive away muttering to myself like a crazy person. It is GOOD TIMES over here. The absolute goodiest.

How's your Tuesday going?