September 21, 2009

The Engagement, part one

When we finally parted ways later that night, I knew that this guy was different, that he was going to change my life.

When I woke the next morning, I hashed out the evenings events, and I was scared. I had never felt this intensely about someone before, and it was happening so fast. I knew that last nights kiss had changed EVERYTHING for me.... but what about him? Was I going to be the girl that captured his heart?

I went to work and forced myself to focus on my clients. I tried to not think of him, of us. Not that I could even think of "us" because I didn't even know if there was an "us." It was maddening.

I watched the clock tick by, waiting for his classes to be out. Would he call? I hoped so.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

My phone rang.

It was him.

I didn't answer.

I couldn't answer because my voice would go weird. He'd say "hello" and I'd say make a noise like a wounded animal and it would be awkward and uncomfortable and then he really wouldn't want to talk to me... So I let it go to voice mail.

"Hey honey, this is DadGuy. I just wanted to tell you that I miss you and that I can't wait to see you tonight... Can I see you tonight?"

I swooned. Things were different, I could hear it in his voice.

We met up that night, and the next one, and the one after that.

Our conversations graduated from what we like to eat, to how many kids we wanted to have. We wanted to know what each other liked so I took him to a hair show and to the river.

He invited me to go snowboarding....