September 16, 2009

Chore Charts - version 2.0

For me, the worst part about moving is figuring out the best way to divide household chores. Take, for example, the laundry. Our bedrooms are on the third floor, but the washing machine and dryer are on the first floor. Do I fold it downstairs? Upstairs? What about sorting? And ironing? And what should I carry all of it in? (Things like this stress me out, can you tell?)

The past four weeks have been a big lesson in learning the best way to manage multiple levels. (Cleaning supplies on each floor is a MUST) (Can you believe I've only been here a month? It feels like so much longer...)

The way the rooms are laid out makes a difference in my cleaning system as well. I don't have a toy room anymore, and the eating area and main living space are now separated. Pretty much, I had to figure out how *I* would clean the entire house before I could show other people how to do it.

But now.....

Since we can't read, I used graphics, and ghetto-lamintated them (contact paper!) onto 3x5 index cards.

And the pockets are a combination of glue stick/packing taped onto the posterboard because I cannot for the life of me find my GOOD glue.

Each child is assigned a color, and a day. Thaddeus is Monday, Blayne is Tuesday, Daniel is Wednesday, and Taylor is Thursday. On "your day" you get to be my special helper. This means you are the dinner helper, you get to give the blessings on the food, and various other perks that come up every now and then. (Fighting over what show to watch? Oh, it's Wednesday, Danny gets to pick...)

I've also posted this guy near my front door because we now have backpacks, and since it's getting colder, the jackets and scarves will be coming out soon. And I just don't want anyone having the mistaken idea that it's okay to tromp your dirty shoes up my carpeted stairs.

It's working brilliantly, by the way.