September 23, 2009

Updates/announcements/general stuff that doesn't like to be defined by things like "titles"


I am a finalist for Ms. Lauren's header design contest. You need to vote for me because A) it's the best one and B) I told you to. And if I don't win, you will all feel my wrath. It will come zapping out of the computer screen and flick you in the forehead and that's a chance you don't really want to take now, is it?

(all you have to do is leave a comment... I'm number 2.)

My beloved shortlings killed my camera. It was slightly maimed before, but the latest injury involved bending the lens and stomping and now it won't even turn ON. Luckily, I'm a pro with the Paint application and I can use my mad skills to show you very realistic interpretations of such events. (see above illustration)

The next part of the Engagement story will be posted tomorrow. I'm not sure how many parts it will end up being because I'm just not sure. But I put a link at the top of the page now so if you've missed anything, you can click on "love story" and it will take you to a page with links to all the parts.


That's pretty much it actually. Lame? I know. Care? I do not.