August 31, 2009

Home Tour: Level 2

This is where I tell you something witty about why I ♥ my house or something, but I can't really think of anything witty on account of A) too much Vicodin or B) too little sleep or C) a combination. And for those of you wondering why on earth I'm still taking Vicodin, it's because their is little change in the appearance of my ankle; I would even venture to say that the swelling has increased over the last week. Sure, it doesn't hurt *as* much. But it still looks/feels like I shoved a softball under my skin. Not that we're talking about that right now. No, we're supposed to be touring the home and all that jazz.

So....Level 2.

This level is pretty much the kitchen and the dining area.


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Then on the other side of the half wall is the "dining room"

I put it in parentheses because it's not REALLY a "room" so much as an "area"

And trust me when I say this, I miss actual rooms. Why does everything have to be an "open floor plan" now? WHY? I like quirky little rooms with nooks and crannies. AND DOORS.

And then beyond that we have.....

And that concludes the tour of the second level of our home.

Next up: The Bedrooms