August 27, 2009

Home Tour: Level 1

So my mom keeps asking me all these questions about what does my house look like and where did I put the furniture and such.

And, being the most excellent daughter that I am, I decided I'd show her some pictures. Because let's face it, she can't see my expressive hand movements through the phone because she's not a super hero. I mean, yeah, she's a super hero, but she can only fly. Not see through the phone. (Would that be x-ray vision on crack? Or is there another name for it? Sarah, I fully expect you to know the answer to that question.)


So, welcome to my home. Well, the first floor anyway.

I'd like to start here. In the...

Then, if you move down the hall you'll run into the.....

This is the view from my front door....

And this is what you see when you stand at the front door and look UP.

So that pretty much concludes this portion of the tour.

What's that? You didn't get to see the office?

Yeah, too bad. My blog, my rules.

neiner neiner neiner.

P.S. My sister got to bring home baby Curtis from the hospital. They are doing pretty well, and still waiting on test results for a few things. Thanks for your prayers.