August 12, 2009

HFPE - Improve Upon Your Talent Show and Luau

Since I never got around to telling you all about this when it happened. (cough*i'maprocrastinator*cough) I thought I'd show you now.

First of all, it was one of the "big" enrichment nights. In my ward, we still have a HFPE (home, family, and personal enrichment) night once a month. The church standard is once every three months, but our Bishop has requested we have one monthly because he feels like the women in our ward need to get out of the house at least once a month. (Why yes, he is awesome)


We have a pretty easy system where we do very low key nights most of the time, and four times a year, we sorta have a huge HFPE night where we provide dinner and try to show everyone a really good time.


The theme for the June HFPE was "Improve Upon Your Talent Show & Luau"

We based it on the scripture from D&C 82:18,
"And all this for the benefit fo the church of the living God, that every man may improve upon his talent, that every man may gain other talents, yea, even an hundred fold, to be cast into the Lord's storehouse."

And the Luau aspect pretty much came out of thin air.

Starting about a month before HFPE night was to happen, we began sending around sign ups for two things. One, a talent that can be shared, be it song, dance, a reading, or whatever. The second sign up was for those who wished to display their talents, like quilting, or painting. We even had a gal with a table "Trash to Treasure."


These were our cheap/easy centerpieces. The inflatable octopi came from the dollar store, as did the seashells. The blue table squares came from vinyl tablecloths that I cut up into pieces. I got a big box of leis and every place setting had one.

Miriam (private blogger) made a postcard template, and we left a few copies of those on every table with the instruction to write a note to someone, telling them what talent of theirs you appreciated.

{Most Genious Idea of the Night}
Since we were going to be in the cultural hall (to use the stage) we wanted to have the whole night happen in the same place. But it's such a big space, and there's not that many of us, and our building doesn't have dividers in the gym, dangit. So I thought and I though, and then one day, it hit me. We'd turn the volleyball net into a fishermans net. It was so cute in person and kept us all in the front half of the cultural hall.


We didn't exactly go "Hawaiian" with the fare. Instead, we served Cafe Rio for the main course, and for dessert, we had virgin pina colada's.

Not sure what Cafe Rio is?

Tomatillo Dressing

Serve with tortillas, lettuce, and maybe some cheese.

You can wrap it up like a burrito, or pile it like a salad.

There is no wrong way to eat Cafe Rio food.

And that pretty much sums up the June HFPE here in Bingham-land.