July 3, 2009

Your Husband Does This, Right?

All around me people keep talking about their big Fourth of July plans.

Know what my plans involve? NOTHING. We can't even go swimming because I don't have the right "cards" to get into the pools and they can't handle that at the actual pool. Oh no, that would be too easy. I have to go in the complete opposite direction to the "main office" a few miles away, WHICH IS CLOSED because IT'S A HOLIDAY.

In other news, DadGuy has this entire weekend off, and let me tell you right now, I don't know what to do with him. I never know what to do when he's home. Because he likes to "do things". pffht. Whatevs DadGuy, just relax and watch TV. I mean, he doesn't even realize what a LUXURY lying on the couch doing nothing is. Do you know what I would give to lie on the couch and watch television IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY? Do you? (Hint: a million trillion dollars)

So I was gauging his interest this afternoon trying to find out just what he wanted to do.

"Oh, I don't know. Let's just go somewhere that doesn't cost any money." (You know, cause of that whole "Escrow" business) So I'm all, "Oh, like the park? We can do the park."

And then a look of pure horror/disgust crossed his face and he was all "Umm, NO. I didn't mean the park. Isn't there somewhere we could go that doesn't cost anything?"

So I start listing all the FREE! THINGS! that one can do in Washington DC which is pretty much anything. But then we'd have to, you know, be around PEOPLE and heaven forbid we go to the nation's capitol on the weekend of the nation's birthday when we can hardly keep track of all four shortlings in the dead of winter.

So, in summary: My weekend: Guaranteed to be the lamest thing ever/annoying as all hell because I'm sure someone will complain the whole time about how we didn't even DO anything even though that someone shot down all the suggestions I provided. Because heaven forbid HE suggest anything. He just doesn't care WHAT we do, so long as we don't do THAT.