June 14, 2009

Weekend Update

I started packing. My kids think they need to help. Which is entirely unhelpful.

You see, I'm trying to pack up the things that we don't use EVERY. DAY.

Meanwhile, my shortlings are packing ALL of their things. Their EVERYDAY things. Which, as I said before, is entirely unhelpful come bedtime when we try to go to bed but can't find our pillows and blankets, or, heaven forbid, pajamas, silkies and that cursed puppy.

In fact, I've unpacked the same boxes so many times that I'm debating taping them shut JUST TO TEACH THEM A LESSON.

Of course, I dealt with this the only way I know....

And then suddenly there were rainbows and butterflies and my children began to act like little angel robots.... if that's not a great haircut, I don't know what is.