June 25, 2009

News and Updates

We're not going anywhere today. Or tomorrow. Or probably even the day after that.

Taylor's ear meds have given her MASSIVE diarrhea. We're talking throw her in the shower, peel the clothes of her body, and sanitize everything between point A where I found her, to point B the bathroom. Repeat on the hour.

Naturally, I've taken to playing on the computer or watching TV as a way to bide my time until the next incident occurs.

So you may have noticed a few changes around here, because, well, it's not like I can take people swimming. (I'm pretty sure they frown on poop *explosions* at the pool.)

First off, I got rid of the separate review blog. Why? Because I got rid of the BlogHer ads, SO, I can have whatever kind of reviews and giveaways I want on THIS BLOG because I don't have to follow their rules and provide for their "under $40" stipulation. No worries though, I've imported everything here, and I'm still open for reviews AND giveaways and only have to follow my own rules. It's been a rather freeing morning.

I've also imported another blog that I used to run separately, but, well. You'll just have to deal with me talking about my addiction to trashy reality TV shows here now. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone you love Brett Michaels either.

And while we're on the subject of ads, I will be doing my own thing with those. So if you want to promote your etsy shop, website, or even your own personal blog, I will be happy to oblige. We might even be able to work out a barter of some sort, you know, 'cause I like stuff. Sometimes... Details can be found here.

Now about those giveaways, today is the VERY LAST OF THE LAST DAYS to enter to win over $900 in goods over at the MMB. So head on over and leave a comment, (you can enter up to 4 times guys) and maybe we'll be sending some love your way.