June 28, 2009

Monday Workout

The Bingham Diaries

You know, since I haven't posted any updates in quite some time.... I thought I should post just how uninspiring I've been lately.

STRAIGHT TALK: I hate the numbers. The numbers seem to always stay the same no matter what I do. Eat less calories, up the workout, numbers stay the same. That's not frustrating at all. *eye roll*

Also, I have had ONE Dr. Pepper in the last week. ONE. And I've upped my water intake by approximately 4,000%.

And despite the numbers remaining the same, a few times this week when I walked past a mirror. (Okay, once... Yesterday... At church.) I thought to myself, "Self, you're looking thinner. I think. Maybe it's just a trick because the scale and the measuring tape say you don't look thinner at all, but my EYEBALLS SAY YOU LOOK THINNER." You know, despite the fact that my eyeballs don't actually have mouths to form those words.

Then I realized that I was having this conversation out loud with myself and was scaring the 9 year old girls that were obviously ditching their Sunday school classes. But at least I stopped myself before explaining that yes, little girlies, one day you too will talk to yourself in the mirror and then you won't have to wonder why people think you're weird because in that very moment, you will understand. Or not. Because some of us are crazier than others and are sure that talking to ones self in the mirror is a perfectly acceptable form of behavior. *ahem*

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