April 11, 2009

Well that's just great

I totally spaced out on Easter. Which is to say, I KNEW it was coming. I just haven't had a chance to do anything about it. And now, it's almost 9 on Easter Eve, and I've just finished cleaning up the latest bits of vomit, put people back into bed for the 900th time, and went to the garage to get the Easter baskets when the realization that I LEFT THE EASTER BASKETS IN ARIZONA came to me.

So now I wait for DadGuy to come home from work, so I can go to the nearest grocery store and hope to all goodness that they have something decent left.

In other terrible things, my couch is officially broken. This morning it was just shabby and broken in. NOW it's just broken... I mean, as long as you sit on the left side, it's FINE. But the right side has died. sigh.

Happy Easter everyone.

P.S. And we can't debut our totally cute matching Easter church outfits. LAME.