April 28, 2009

The Dentist

The shortlings had their dental appointments this morning. Blayne is the only one that has been to our new dentist because of her little tooth problem. But today, all of them got to go in for a cleaning.

Blayne was called back first. It was her third time at the office and she was the pro. Blayne's name was called and she gave the hygienist a big hug, took her hand, and walked to the back office, all by herself.

Everyone else had to wait while DadGuy and I filled out the paperwork. But they didn't even notice. They were too busy playing with all the toys in the waiting room. After we finished filling out the paperwork, the other three were called back.

Normally, they take just the kids to the back, and the parents wait in the waiting room. But since it was Thaddeus' first time at this dentist, and Daniel and Taylor's first time seeing a dentist at all, we were invited to the back with them.

When we walked through the second door, Blayne was already getting her teeth cleaned. She had on big pink sunglasses and was being so, so good. She looked over and waved, then turned her head back to the hygienist and opened her mouth wider.

The other hygienist's directed Daniel and Taylor over to a Lego table while Tad climbed into the dental chair.

The dentist came over and started talking to all of us. He shook everyone's hands and talked TO my kids, not at them. He asked Tad what flavor of toothpaste he wanted to use today, did he want bubblegum?

Tad hates bubblegum.

"Oh, well. Then we have cherry, and watermelon, and grape, and fruit, and mint, and chocolate, and dirt."


"Oh, you want dirt? Okay, it's your mouth."

"No! I don't want dirt. bleh. I want fruit"

"Good choice"

He also got to pick a flavor for something else. Fluoride or mouthwash or something. Those options included boogers, really slimy ones!

After going over who was getting what (cleaning and x-rays for everyone) we were sent back to the waiting room.

Me and the DadGuy read magazines, and chatted, and never heard any screaming or crying or anything. (WHOA)

Awhile later, we were called into the dentist's office to go over their cleaning habits and whatnot before he "released the hounds" back to us.

He gave me and DadGuy the best compliment ever.

"You have great kids. They're busy, but they're great, and they listen. You can tell where they get it from. They're really good kids. Really good. "

He complimented us on their attitudes, and their hygiene. "Your kids are clean. Their clothes are clean, their hair is clean, their teeth are clean. It's important to teach them good habits early. Great job guys."

I think I'm in love with the dentist.