April 19, 2009

And I'm Back!

I know, I know, you didn't even notice I was gone. Loser.

BUT I can finally show you what I was doing all this time.


That there is one of the NEW buttons for the NEW and IMPROVED Mormon Mommy Blog site.

You should definitely go over and check it out. Oh, and you don't have to be Mormon, or a mommy for that matter. Pretty much, it's just a safe place for you to find blogs to read that are family friendly.

Oh, and did I mention the NEW and IMPROVED social aspect? Yeah, you should go here and sign up. You'll make tons of new friends. Promise.

And now? Now I'm off to take a nap because I've sorta been working super late lately. (Case in point.... IT'S TWO IN THE MORNING.)

But I have a really good story for you tomorrow. No really, I got TOLD OFF by a crazy lady when we were out to lunch with our friends... APPARENTLY, I HAVE NO MANNERS. *snort* I'm pretty sure I'm not the one that missed the manner train, lady.