March 27, 2009

Spring is in the air

In Arizona, spring brings breezes, and sunshine, and picnics and kites.

In Virginia, spring brings starving squirrels and sprickets. {shudder}

I have to mentally prepare myself to open the laundry room door now. You see, the laundry room is connected to the garage. Both of those areas are poorly sealed and poorly insulated. Cool, dark, damp places are where the buggers like to be, so if I'm not careful, I step too close to the ugly monster bugs and they jump in my face.

Oh yes, the ground is thawing and bugs are resurfacing and invading my home.

As for the squirrels, they've already chewed a hole through my garbage can. And sometimes when I take out the trash, and open the lid, a nasty stinky squirrel jumps in my face.

I *officially* hate spring.