March 12, 2009

Fun Fact Friday!

*I think I'm getting the hang of this daylight savings time thing. Basically, I COMPLETELY IGNORED IT and kept my kids on their exact same schedule. Even though the clocks and Benjamin Franklin would disagree. At any rate, I don't have anybody that has to be anywhere in the morning so NEINER NEINER NEINER and Pbhhhht.

*I am off Zoloft. Well, not like, OFF. I mean. I stopped taking it, and it's been five days and everyone is alive and breathing and I don't want to punch anyone in the neck so it's going pretty good. You know, cause I use punching people in the neck as the measure of my saneness.

*I was at Target for lightbulbs, and I saw it. "It" being the matching bedding to the super cute girl bedding I have for Blayne. Taylor was just screwed out of the deal because she has a toddler bed. NO MORE. Now I have matching twin and toddler bedding in the girl's room and Taylor will now have to sleep in her toddler bed until she no longer fits because that stupid stuff wasn't even on sale but I HAD TO HAVE IT. You understand, yes?

*For all of you wondering what I got Troy for our anniversary, it was NOTHING, that's what. It was really easy and quite affordable and I didn't break the streak.

*I'm pretty sure this is the lamest of the lame posts but I don't really care because I just don't. Do you think it's a side effect of not taking the Zoloft? I do. OH WELL.

*Umm, yeah. That's pretty much it. Happy Friday?