February 2, 2009

three things

FIRST OF ALL. Yes, I did see a doctor for the infection and yes, I got things taken care of. Sheesh, I'm not a heathen.... Just a hypochondriac. But in my defense, something always IS wrong when I complain. So maybe it's not truly hypochondria so much as my body actually hates me. It's a fine line I walk.

SECONDLY. Gah, facebook. Why do I keep getting tagged for a 25 random things meme tag thingy? STOP TAGGING ME. Stop it. I know that no one actually cares what I say anyways because A) it's facebook and 2) Ima superpoke you in the nads if you don't layoff. RECOGNIZE.

THIRDLY. There is no third, but uneven numbers are oh so appealing, are they not? Those in disagreement are welcome to not tell me about it.