February 19, 2009

Super Secret Boyfriend Crush

We've talked about boyfriends a little bit before, but today I want to delve into new territory.

The Animated Boyfriend

Now, you KNOW that there are some pretty smokin' hot cartoon boys. Mmm-hmm. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.

For example : Dimitri from Anastasia sure, he's a little rascally at first, but by the end of the show? You're totally swooning.

Another guy I could go for? Spongebob. Just follow me for a minute here. He has some very redeeming qualities such as job dedication and humor. Granted, he's a sponge.... ALL I'M SAYING is that you have to admit that if a guy is that loyal to his job and his friends, imagine if he was your boyfriend.

Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty is a hottie. I'd like to point out that sometimes in Disney's quest to have uber masculine characters, they take certain characteristics too far. (Beast's nose anyone?) Meanwhile, Eric from The Little Mermaid is just too young for my taste. But Prince Philip,mmm, that's a good job Disney.

Captain Shang from Mulan is way cute too. And I'm not just saying it because Donny Osmond did the voiceover for the Best. Song. Ever. (But seriously guys, he SANG that song like it was going outta style.)

Of course, my list would not be complete without Trent Lane from Daria

I feel that no explanation is really needed on this one.

So, who's your boyfriend?