February 24, 2009

Service Providers are the Devil

Once upon a time, I moved. And when I moved, I got a new telephone number and internet service, and cable television with FREE! HBO! FOR! THREE! MONTHS!

And then I forgot (okay, not really, I was enjoying the HBO-ness of my life) to cancel it and got the real actual bill.

So I called to cancel all the channels that used triple digits. (I know, we only have basic cable now. Woe is me)

And apparently, when I said "I'd like to downgrade my CABLE service" what I really meant was "I'd like to only watch TV and not talk on the phone or use the internet" because the girl TURNED THOSE OFF.

Obviously, I've taken care of things and have internet (and a PHONE! to not use! Yay Verily!)

But I feel like I should get some free HBO to make up for my loss.

I mean, how can I be expected to lie on the couch and eat bonbons if I can't do it watching Flight of the Concords?