February 11, 2009

Enrichment Night

I guess I should explain Enrichment real quick, it's actually called Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment (or HFPE) and it's a chance for all the women in the LDS church to get together and have fun or learn skills or whatever. Essentially, it's a church sponsored girls night, but with structure.

And I have the amazingly fun calling as the Enrichment Leader. (It really brings out my bossy side quite well.) Normally, you'd only have an actual HFPE night quarterly, with satellite groups meeting monthly, or even weekly. (Playgroup HOLLA!) In our ward, the Bishop has requested that we have them monthly because he feels that the women need it.

So, last night was Enrichment. We've had a lot of new people move into the area, and we've had requests for a big meet and greet. So, the theme of the night was Unity.

We set up four tables with a basket of candy (women and chocolate... how right is that?) on each table. And then I made cards with poems to coordinate with each basket.

(You get a picture on my oven because I didn't take my camera last night. Bad MomBabe.)

This was the poem inside the "Snickers" card. Get it? Like we're supposed to snicker?

Whatever. It was cheesy and fun and I don't care what you think. The other little poem's I used:

Kit Kat
Kit Kat is famous for “Gimme a Break”
Now it’s your turn, for fantasy’s sake
Where would you go, who would you see
If you had a “Break”… go ahead, tell me.

Dum-dums/Ring Pops
If you chose the ring, the stage is now set
“Engage” us with your story, how is it you met?
As for the dum-dums? This one’s a regret.
Tell us about your worst-ever date, the one you’ll never forget.

Pay Day
You’ve got an inheritance, that rich uncle is dead
He left you his estate, his stocks, his spread
Now the choice is yours, what do you do
When money’s no object, what do you pursue?

So, that's what we did this month. Pretty easy, really low key.

Oh, and the very last thing was we had each table share with each one other something that they thought no one else would know about them; then they had to decide which was the most interesting factoid that no one would guess. After they decided, we had a representative from each table come to the front and share the little known fact. Then we all tried to guess who it was. It was pretty fun.

And we had brownie sundaes.

Like I said, women and chocolate, ALWAYS makes for a good time.