February 10, 2009

The City: my thoughts on Olivia the socialite

ONE: You WENT to Jay's gig. You heard him play. It was folksy (was anyone else surprised by this? I thought his band would be, well, not folksy) AT THAT POINT YOU SHOULD HAVE REALIZED THAT HIS BAND WOULD NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR FRIEND'S PARTY.

TWO: You do NOT have the right to be offended when the people you've hired, do what you've paid them to do. You're not paying Jay to stand around and play nice. You hired him to play a gig... HE DID.

THREE: After the fact, when you were rude to Whitney, and after YOUR FAT MOUTH brought up the previous night, and after Whitney politely told you her opinion BECAUSE YOU ASKED, you cannot say "this is not the time nor place to be discussing this." BAH. You started the discussion. You are an idiot.

FOUR: Your cousin is a douche bag.