January 1, 2009

Something tells me I'm doing this right...

We picked up my sister from the airport today. She came to be my slave so that I don't have to worry about picking tomatoes too strenuously, what with the specific post-op instructions....

Anyways, on the way home from the airport, I asked the kids what they wanted to show Aunt Meredith. What cool places they'd like her to see while she's visiting.

Thaddeus - "I want to take her to the Gardens!"

Daniel - "Ooh! Ooh! Gardens!"

Me - "Oh yeah? The Botanic Gardens? That's a really cool place. How 'bout you Blayners? Where do you want to take Aunt Meredith to?"

Blayne - "Ummm, I want to take her to McDonalds."

That's my girl.