January 17, 2009

Post Op: Day Ten

It's been ten days since my Total Abdominal Hysterectomy.

I'm feeling better, but still not good.

My incision is numb, yet itchy. So I try to scratch it, but I can't feel anything. I don't know how that works, but it's pretty danged annoying.

I also bought a belly band thing. It helps with the swelling and the pain and all that jazz.

: I used the blow dryer. (!while sitting!)

No make-up, but still....

Ooh, and look! I'm standing in the kitchen!

And now I'm going to show you part of my incision. Don't worry, it's all taped and stuff so you can't really see much besides my HUMONGOUS SWOLLEN BELLY.

The incision is just over 14 inches. I measured. I'm assuming it will get a little bit smaller as I deflate. Essentially, it's from hip to hip. YAY.

And you know how you get a knot in your muscles as they try and heal? No? Well, you do. I have a "knot" that spans across my belly and makes things like bending hurt like hell. Which isn't much of a problem except when I use the toilet.

Speaking of which, the toilet is my nemesis at this point. First off, the act of pulling down one's pants is completely overrated. I mean, I never realized how lucky I was that I could pull my own underwear up and down WITHOUT GRUNTING.

The other problem with toilet time is that my uterus and cervix happened to be connected to other parts, specifically plumbing pipes. So you know, since they had to sew parts back together and all that nonsense, it's making the actual act of peeing very uncomfortable. And I don't know what the connection between belly buttons and urination is, but it feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife through my belly button every time I use the bathroom. HIGH FIVE!

The other realization I had this week is that "reclining" does not in fact include "sitting." Sitting hurts, yo. It hurts Real. Bad.

So that's it. Your friendly post-op update.