January 20, 2009

Don't Let 'Em Hold You Down!

I'd like to introduce you to Lindsey.... My first impression of her was "Whoa, you're really tall." Because even though she calls herself Lindsey Long Legs, I thought she was just being silly. She's wasn't. She has REALLY REALLY LONG LEGS. The 6 foot tall kind. Plus, she blogs over at Tall Tales (how appropriate). She also makes beautiful jewelry.


I have a little secret... the Mombabe is a BAD PATIENT. You know the type.. The type when you are at the hospital, and you have your cell phone and they say, "don't use your cell phone in here." But once they are in their room they whip it out and make calls? (Don't worry, I will be doing the SAME THING in a few days when I pop this baby out.) Or the type (I am not naming names) but when you are undergoing SERIOUS chemo and you shouldn't be smoking, but you do... You know the type.. The BAD PATIENT TYPE .

The Mombabe is one of those... yep, she is.. she is the kind where they say, "Don't sit for long periods of time at your COMPUTER" so, she finds guest bloggers to fill her spot so she can look like a "good patient" and then she decides to start a new hobby of making over people's blogs... But she is not "BLOGGING" because she ISN'T working on her blog, she is working on.. oh, say MINE (see the cute new header?). BUT, when her Dr. inadvertently stumbles upon her oh-so-famous-blog there will be NO INDICATION that she is breaking the rules because.. well, she has "guest bloggers". At least she is not picking tomatoes right? (Easy enough, it is WINTER, but putting down the blog.. not so easy) Trust me... I know... it is HARD to control those CRAZY IMPLUSES!

Don't worry Mombabe, your secret is SAFE with ME. (Lotta gratitude I show you for making over my blog hmmm?) We know, you can't keep a TRULY INSPIRING and TALENTED person down.. Or, not for long anyway... Not even by tearing out her uterus.. Nope, you can't. Let that be a lesson to all of you. DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR DR....... DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT TO DO, and for heaven's sake DON'T LET SOMEONE TEARING OUT YOUR UTERUS SLOW YOU DOWN!

Thanks Mombabe, you are an inspiration to all of us. :)