January 24, 2009


1)I'm off painmeds for the first time in years.
Do you hear me? I'm. Off. Pain. Pills. A month ago, I was taking about 20+ pills PER DAY. Today? I've taken five. And I pretty much feel amazing. for the record... 1.hormone 2.sanity 3.stool softener 4.sleep aid and 5.ibuprofen

2)The knots under my incision are
going away.

'nuff said.

3)My incision is not as numb as it was a week ago.

This is inspiring a love/hate relationship with said incision because I can now feel other things (*cough*ovaries*cough*) that got pretty beat up during the course of my hysterectomy.

4)Surgical strips are really tough.

Even though they look totally flimsy and you think they'll fall off at any given second, they don't.

5)Pants are totally overrated.

They have buttons and zippers and you have to bend to put them on..... Mumu's are the way to go. Know why? BECAUSE THEY DON'T TOUCH YOUR MIDDLE. P.S. Please don't visit me right now. I look slightly worse than this guy.

6)My crazy hormones mixed with a
drug induced high made me do crazy things.

Like cut some bangs. I hate bangs. On the other hand, I can actually feel my brain becoming less foggy. It's like I'm reverting back to the 20 year old me. The 20 year old that hadn't started hormone replacement therapy,that was blissfully unaware that her thyroid was about to crap out. The one that hadn't had back to back to back to back pregnancies. I really really liked the way I felt when I was the 20 year old me. She was pretty awesome.... and she didn't have bangs.
7)I really, REALLY like to watch cartoons.
If SpongeBob were real, I'd totally marry him. It's probably the only "new" cartoon that I watch. Well, and Phineas and Ferb. That's a cute show. But I don't like the gross ones they have on these days. Seriously, give me Looney Tunes and old school Disney, and I'm set.

8)People are awesome.
My ward family (err, congregation members for you non-Mormons) has totally stepped up to the plate. They've been bringing us dinners, and stealing the kiddo's for a couple hours here and there. The people at DadGuy's work gave us tons of giftcards and takeout menu's to all the restaurants around here. And there's you guys, of course, that have emailed me, and sent me flowers, and packages; and then there's others of you who call and entertain me for hours. sigh. People are awesome.

9)My kids are hilarious.
And sweet, and nice, and good. They've been catering to me, and helping me get up and down from the bed; they offer me prime seating on the couch, they fetch me things like lotion and dollies and transformers and Dr. Pepper. They read to me, and they give me kisses. Thaddeus and Blayne are very happy that the doctors finally took the "big owie" out of my tummy, and they are very concerned with the number of band-aids I require. They also act as bouncers and keep the babies away from me by jumping in front of them and screaming "Don't touch Mommy!" Awwwww.

10)My husband ROCKS.
He's been cooking, cleaning, wiping bums, taking shortlings to doctors appointments, administering meds to whiny screamy people, doing all the laundry, insisting I take naps, giving my the remote controller, and pretty much being the best husband in the whole universe. I love that man.

And that concludes this installment of your *BIG NEWS UPDATE*