December 13, 2008

My very name suggests offense

Okay, so I joined a support group called Hystersisters (I know, believe me, I KNOW) The thing is, I wasn't looking for support so much as information, and all the GOOD stuff was only accessible to members. So, I joined.

And what a pain in the butt that was. First off, my name, MomBabe, totally not allowed. Because there is no referencing to mothers, or children, or babies, because, you know, I might hurt someone's feelings. Anyhow, I was going to ignore it and use it anyways... And it wouldn't let me. How am I supposed to feel supported when I can't even use my real name? Jerks.

After deciding on a suitable username, I began perusing. Then I decided two things.

ONE. That site needs a most definite makeover, especially the forums. Because while it's packed with awesome tips and stuff, it's not user friendly (and this is coming from ME. Who knows what the 63 year old lady getting her parts out thinks.)

TWO. I'm going to be recovering much longer than I had anticipated.

Do you know how many different kinds of hysterectomies there are? Do you? Here's a hint: MORE THAN TWO.

And since I already know what kind I'm getting (TAH - Total Abdominal Hysterectomy) I naturally had to go read everyone's stories. So now I'm making a list of what I should take to the hospital. (not that it's even scheduled yet. stupid coordinators, I mean, really, you only work 40 hours a week? pshaw. I'm calling you Monday at 8:01.)

I'm also going to request they take my appendix and possibly my gallbladder while I'm there. I mean, since I'll be open and flayed on the table, it just makes sense, right? Especially since I've had problems with both of those.

ANYWAYS, all the gals that had the TAH said they took a full EIGHT WEEKS to recover.

Some of the younger ones (in their 40's) said they were feeling better after SIX weeks. Either way, that's a really long time to be under restriction.

Naturally, I started making another list of what foods I can stock up on so that my family won't starve.

It's as if I'm on bedrest all over again.

On the upswing, 3 days BY MYSELF in a hospital? SCORE!