December 16, 2008

I Ramble! And I Sing!

*My baby killed Picasa. She likes to come and push all the computer buttons and somehow turned it into a dump file. I don't know how to UNdump it. Please! Help!

*The inauguration is making it a little tricky/expensive to get my "help" out here. Who knew so many people wanted to see Obama take over the White House?

*When I say "help" I'm referring to family that will come out and be my slaves. Taskmaster I am.

*I have some really cute ideas and pictures to show you, except that my baby killed Picasa. {{sobs}}

*I have three weeks to prepare myself for my surgery.

*After extensive research which consisted of me looking on the internet for about 30 minutes, I've decided that there is essentially NO DIFFERENCE between a procedure and a surgery. I think they use "procedure" interchangeably because people get scared when you say "surgery"

*From here on out, I'm going to say that I've had SURGERIES and not procedures. Because I decided that a dental cleaning is a "procedure" and a laproscopic assisted hysteroscopy is a surgery. Scalpels were involved.

*I would like NEW casserole recipes because, hello, throw it in the oven dinner!

*(Because honestly, if you're going to watch my children, the last thing you need to figure out is what to make for dinner)

*I have video of my baby killing the computer. Wanna see?

*(P.S. Don't even think about laughing at me. I'll have to pull out my pity card. Bad uterus, 'member?)

* And seriously, Karaoke your heart out. THERE IS A PRIZE.

(oh my life, that was painful for me to watch. And typo city. Gah. Are you happy now? GO. Embarrass yourself this time. Thanks.)