December 21, 2008

Holiday Open House 2009

This is our tree, at a meager 1 hour old.

See how festive and shiny and sparkly she is?

She's not so pretty anymore. And that snowman? He refuses to light up on account of someone doing something. What that something is? I HAVEN'T THE FOGGIEST. But the fact remains that some shortling broke him.


This is where we hang our stockings.

For the record, parent's get white, girls get "dark pink", and boys get green.
Please don't tell Blayne that those stockings are red. Because then she'll hate them and rip them down; then she'll spontaneously combust... they are DARK. PINK.


This is our family tradition.

We make paper chains for every holiday because we really like scissors and staplers and both are utilized in this craft. Oh, and that snowman isn't on the front door because I'm kinda embarrassed that he turned YELLOW. Why did he turn yellow? Because I left him in my attic in Arizona and I'm pretty sure the 8,000 degree attic heat killed him. Thus, he get's to hang in the privacy of our own home instead. Plus, he has a cute nose.


And this is our wall of cards.
Send me a card, it will go on my wall. We will then stare at them and read them and touch them 87 times a day until they're all smudged and crinkled and LOVED to death which is exactly how a Christmas card should die... by adoration.


So that wraps up my open house. Be sure to visit Jen to see a complete list of participants. People have some SERIOUS Christmas spirit.


And if you haven't already done so, please make sure you vote for your favorite Karaoke star.