December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday

age four

Those words describe every thing I love about you. You are an old woman stuck in a little girls body. You make me laugh, you make me cry, you teach me what life is all about. Every morning you wake up, come into my room, and ask for a snack. You'd rather snack all day than sit down to eat a meal.

You are a princess, full of grace, and kindness. You love to learn and create. You know the words to so many songs, and you share your voice with us daily. You are a giggler. When you think something is funny, you giggle and giggle until you can't breathe anymore.

You're a great helper. I can always count on you to clear your plate from the table. I never have to ask you more than once. You are honest. And you wear your heart on your sleeve.

I love YOU, simply because you're YOU.

A million blessings, a million smiles, I wish you the happiest fourth year of life.

I love you.