December 8, 2008

{the brain is still not working at full capacity}

I know I said I was going to tell you about the impromptu birthday party...

I lied.

I'm going to tell you that I'm crazy insane busy, and I don't have time to think let alone breathe. I had my tomorrow all planned out but then DadGuy told me that he actually "scheduled his car to go in" so he needs MY car. I thought about punching him in the ear but since we were sitting at the dinner table and the last thing my kids need to see is me beating their father, I rolled my eyes and sighed mightily then made him do the dishes.

So now, I have to cram my day long preparations into a morning block. Which theoretically would be okay because theoretically I could go to the copy place tonight and stuff. BUT I already washed off my make-up and took off my bra so THAT'S NOT HAPPENING. Plus I took an extra strong dose of my meds which means operating heavy machinery is out of the question...

Which brings me to the next point. I'm a functioning drug addict. It's true. All of them are necessary at this time and whatnot, but, umm, yeah. I take a lot of drugs. And then I PARENT and DRIVE and STUFF. My friend made a comment the other day about how she took something and it knocked her out. And then I started laughing and was all "I took 7 pills before I walked out the door just now. HA!" Mostly I'm telling you this because there is an end in sight. I'd tell you more except I have to wait until after my doctor's appointment later this week, BUT! I soon could be down to only TWO medications! (Think of the money I'm going to save! ♫Hallelujah♫)

And now I'm going to go glare at the DadGuy some more. I think I'll throw in some heavy sighing too.