November 28, 2008


Listen, I know it, you know it; it's pretty much why you love me so very, very much. I mean, who else would tell you that, errr, ummm. Well I know I've told you SOMETHING incriminating at SOME point or other. For serious.

I mean, SHAMELESS is my middle name.

(not really. man alive are you ever gullible today.... remember that one time I convinced you I only had three toes? Ha. That was fun. Bygones....)

My point here is that I need a favor.

I was nominated for the 2008 Weblog Awards. And it's in the early stages. And I NEED to be a finalist. SO, I need YOU and YOU and especially YOU OVER THERE to go here. Then scroll down until you see "The Bingham Diaries" and click the little green button next to it. Then tell you husband and your kids and all the people that you work with that they should totally vote for me too.

I think you should tell the cashier at Safeway too. Those cashiers, they totally love me.

P.S. And it's for parenting, of all things. And you KNOW I can parent. Which is to say, that I managed to birth children from my nether regions once upon a time, then I KEPT them and let them call me MOM. It totally counts, right?

P.P.S. Green button. Right here. Do it. Thanks.