November 19, 2008


You may have noticed, (or not, ya' know, because some of you are strictly feed-readers) that my blogroll has gone MIA.

The thing is, I have a hard time with the blogroll. No really, it STRESSES ME OUT in no uncertain terms. Because I'm NOT a tit for tat person. I'm not going to put you on my roll, just because you put me on yours....

My question to you is: Do you read blogs out of OBLIGATION? or DEVOTION?

Personally, I'm more of a devoted type of gal. If I love you? I read you. If it doesn't float my boat, I don't.

Oh, there's blogs that I check up on because, hello, RELATIONS! And there's blogs I check up on because, ahem, SUPER SECRET SPY POWER. (no really, nothing thrills me more than stumbling onto the blogs of boys-I-used-to-kiss...)

And then? THEN there's the magical blog that makes me laugh. The one that makes me cry. The one that pulls at my heartstrings and that other one, written by the underdog, and I'm there, cheering. There's the blog where I've made a connection with the author, where I've become a true friend, even though I've never seen their face. And there's others, I can't explain why, but I. JUST. LIKE. THEM.

So when I had a blogroll up, it was hard. Because I feel like I'm recommending you to go read that URL. But I wouldn't recommend all of them. As harsh as it sounds, I read blogs that I wouldn't recommend to someone else.

I don't think everyone is comfortable with strangers visiting their blogs. I don't think that everyone WANTS to be famous, or wants you to look at pictures of their family. And I don't think a lot of people have any idea of the world they're jumping into when they start a blog.

Because it really is it's own little world.

There are laws of sorts, and rules. There's basic etiquette and guidelines that should be followed.

There's also really ugly things about this blog world. The very least of these being spammers and anonymous commentators who want nothing more than to get a reaction....

So, I guess what I'm saying is, umm, yeah, the blogroll. El Fin.