October 13, 2008


I'm totally going to start homeschooling my kids. You know, just for kicks. And because
A)do you know how much preschool costs?
No really. Do you?
C)Even the cheap ones are NOT CHEAP and you get the bonus of them being, ahem, craptastic.

Therefore, I am going to be "teaching" my preschoolers.

(Do you like how I was all QUOTE, UNQUOTE up there? Because I'm not actually like a "teacher" even though the majority of my day is taken up by people learning from me.... I'm just saying, a spade's a spade....)

I think it's going to work out swell because I already have the perfect schedule. Well, in theory, it will be fine. (You know it could just blow up in my face because I decreed it perfect while in truth, I just jinxed the whole homeschool plan.)

And here would be where I ask you a question except that, I don't have any. Know why? I GOOGLED IT.

Yup. In fact, I googled "Homeschooling preschoolers" and was met with the most amazing resources ever. Tons of ideas, and activity sheets, and crafts, it was like the holy mecca of preschool.

(And for those of you tsking right now, may I remind you that I'm teaching a 3 and 4 year old. The bar is pretty low.)

And I'm not really concerned with results. I'm not expecting my kids to be child prodigies.

I AM concerned with them falling in love with learning.

I AM going to help them be excited, and curious, and driven, at their own pace.

My kids are small, but I can already see the different ways that learn.

Blayne is a structured girl. She loves order. She thrives in routine.

Thaddeus does not. He loves the thrill of discovery. And then when he finds something he likes, he will poke and prod and find out everything he can about that one particular subject until he has mastered it. But if you tell him he has to do ABC, he will most definitely do XYZ instead.

So I'm going to encourage. I'm going to help them help themselves.

Because *I* believe that's the best way.

And as we all know, I'm always right.