October 7, 2008

Hair Today

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I am having issues.

I hate my hair.

First of all, all my color done gone and growed out. Which leaves me with VIRGIN HAIR. And it's no good because it's too healthy, it's too shiny, and it won't tease to save it's life. Stupid virgin.

And since it's growing out from a rather SHORT do, well, let's just say that on a bad day, I have a mullet.

But the front is the worst. THE. WORST.

I'm so embarrassed.


I'm thinking I should just deal with it and grow it to a longer sort of something... Because I'm probably not going to be able to get my hair cut every 4 weeks here. Just because, well, you know... it won't happen.

So, forget politics for a moment and let's focus on the bigger issue at hand. WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY HAIR?

P.S. anything goes. no seriously. what color do you think my hair wants to be?