October 30, 2008


My head has been a foggy hazy mess the last week or so. Add to that the foggy hazy heads of 4 other shortlings and one unidentified older male, and you have the fabulosity that is my life. (Don't you just LOVE Kimora for that word?)

Here is where I tell you that it is NOT a cold, but rather ALLERGIES. To which I say, pshaw.

Just because, you know, it's rather convenient that 6 of us would have allergy problems at the same time, right? Yeah. That's what I thought too.

Also, conveniently, the doctor we saw understood the whole mess of 6 actual co-payments plus prescriptions for 6 individual people and instead did this....

And really. only 99 refills? I totally feel gipped* KNOWING I could have been sitting pretty at 999. I mean, if you're gonna go big, go BIG.

*Dudes, there's like NO WRONG WAY to spell gipped, jipped**, gypped, it's all GOLDEN. I'm pretty sure I'm not okay with that but in my current head fog I don't think I should contact the dictionary company just yet.

**Upon further research, it's just so commonly misspelled that it's now just an actual spelling instead of mis-spelling.

*** I vote we all start spelling MomBabe, G-O-D

****Okay, not really. Sheesh. Put down your torch and pitchforks.